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“Training programs such as Parenting Teens: Building Strong Futures which uses Kracht’s popular Daughters Forever; Sons Forever is a necessary and valuable resource for any school or church. Bring her into your community and see the difference.”

Bob Laird, Director of Programs
The Catholic Education News Daily | The Cardinal Newman Society | Manassas, VA

"We found the workshop beneficial to parents in offering them encouragement, support and practical advice on raising teens. A great advantage of the workshop was that is was offered in both English and Spanish and was tailored to meet the needs of our diocese."

Deacon Mike Chiappetta, Director
Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge | Marriage & Family Life Office

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Fortifying Families of Faith was formed to help parents connect to their teens. We are in the business of helping families stay connected by offering resources that are practical and time honored, Catholic in perspective and invaluable to all families.

Our Goal

Parenting can be challenging for a variety of reason and whether you have one child or more. The culturally popular approach claims that it takes people plus parents to raise a whole child. This often creates hurdles rather than helps for parents - particularly parents with teens. These obstructions challenge parents who want to be - and should be - their children's primary advocate and teacher. 

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Viviana Sotro

Expertise: Hispanic Outreach

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Maria ​Alejandro Martinez

Expertise: Hispanic Outreach

Saint Paul, Minn.

Linda Kracht

Founder and President

Saint Paul, Minn.